Our Dance Styles

This lesson is designed to let children have fun with music and help develop co-ordination skills i.e.; skipping AND keeping time.

The Tiny Tots class is great for gross motor skills, stimulation and social interaction while developing the ability to follow instructions and gain confidence.

Students learn basic ballet and at the end of the lesson they learn a groovy jazz dance.


Tiny Tots

We offer the British Ballet Organisation syllabus for our ballet classes.

Classical ballet is excellent for a child’s self-discipline, muscle control and strength, posture and grace of movement.

Ballet is a great foundation for all other forms of dance. Students learning ballet are encouraged to enter exams however exams are not compulsory.



The tap syllabus taught at DanceXtreme is the Les Griffith Tap Dance Academy. The L.G.T.D.A was created by the late Les Griffiths of Newcastle, with some of his students going on to have fabulous careers.

The most famous student would have to be Dean Perry the creator of “Tap Dogs”. The Syllabus is well structured with barre exercises, centre work and a short dance for each level.

There are seventeen levels from test one thru to the teachers diploma, with each level gradually increasing in difficulty, therefore students are a little more challenged each year without it being impossible to achieve the next level.

Students learning tap are encouraged to enter exams however exams are not compulsory.


Our Jazz/ Hip Hop classes have become our most popular classes as students learn what they regularly see on TV, music videos, and in movies.

The variety of steps in our jazz/hip hop classes are endless and include warm-up, floor exercises, centre steps, travelling steps, and step combinations, with each class learning a routine each term to their capable level.

All the latest music, all the latest dance moves, with heaps of attitude!


Our modern and contemporary classes are designed for our teenage and senior students.

This class uses the strength and technique from the classical style but with a stronger focus on examining the choreographic and performing process.

This class incorporates limber and body strengthening aspects challenging students to their greatest ability.


This class is designed for boys to learn the latest moves and techniques from the ever growing street style of breaking and hip hop as seen on ‘You got served’ and ‘Stomp the yard’.


Boys Hip Hop

There has been a big interest in this fast growing, popular sport of cheerleading.

Students who join the squad will be learning stunting, partner stunts, tumbling, cheering, poms, jumps and correct cheerleading arm positions.

This is an energetic and athletic class that contains everything a cheerleader needs to know.



Students will be selected then asked into DanceXtreme’s performance troupe and must have attended lessons at DanceXtreme for at least six months prior to joining the troupe.

Students are required to practice their dance each week, therefore making their lesson an hour.

Being part of DanceXtreme’s Performance Troupe is a fun & rewarding experience, as students have the opportunity to perform on stage many times throughout the year!

Aerial Silks/Tissue is two fabrics suspended from the ceiling which the artist can climb, wrap, drop, flip, suspend, slide, pose and fly on. Students will improve core and upper body strength and flexibility while developing impressive skills in the air.

Students work towards an Aerial Showcase at the end of the third term in a solo, duo or trio, where they are encouraged to develop artistically and creatively through movement and choice of character, costume and music. Proficient artists can progress to professional performance pieces.