A Dancer’s Etiquette

  1. Be prompt
  2. Follow the school dress code
  3. Please, no chewing gum
  4. Let your body language show your desire to learn
  5. Secure your hair neatly back
  6. Give your complete attention to the teacher
  7. Finish every combination
  8. Accept corrections with grace and a smile
  9. Practice as if you are performing for an audience
  10. Thank the teacher at the end of class

Good manners create a good learning environment and help you develop the discipline to be a wonderful


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Child safety

Please ensure your children know to wait in the waiting room and not out in the car park/driveway.

Parents are responsible for their child’s behaviour while on the premises of the studio, including parking area and the waiting room. It is difficult for me to monitor students waiting for their class, whilst conducting a productive lesson at the same time.

Respect your studio

After many years of renting halls it is lovely to have purchased our premises in 2006.

I ask that all students look after the studio and the waiting area by placing rubbish in the bins provided and help keep the kitchen area tidy. Anybody found defacing property will pay for damages.

DanceXtreme is a smoke free zone, no-one is to smoke within five meters of the entrance, Thank you.

Observation of classes

Parents are welcome to observe classes for the first two weeks of term one and the last lesson of term 1 and 2.

Classes will be closed all other times as we find the children can concentrate much better when there are no interruptions and distractions.