Our policies, terms and conditions

These appear on our enrolment form.

Terms and Conditions

I agree to:

Pay for all dance lessons whether attended or not and have each term account paid in full within 30 days.

Failure to pay account will result in your child/children being sat out of class.
Pay in advance for exam, performance fees and also costumes where consent has been given for myself/my child to participate.
Respect copyright of DanceXtreme.

Permission for Photography and Media

When enrolled at Dancextreme photos of your child may be used for the following

  • For display in the waiting area of the Studio
  • For display in the local newspaper and media releases (separate permission will be sought)
  • For use in promotional materials
  • For use on DanceXtreme’s Facebook page (no names will be published)
  • For use on DanceXtreme’s website (no names will be published)

I understand that it is my responsibility to notify, in writing, if I do not want my child’s photo to appear in any of the above uses.