Libby Blundell - DanceXtreme

Libby has been dancing since the age of five and has over 20 years teaching experience.

This year Libby is updating her qualifications and is completing level 4 Diploma in dance teaching.

Libby completed her L.G.T.D.A Tap Teacher’s diploma in 1995.

She has a teaching membership with B.B.O (British Ballet Organization)B.B.O (British Ballet Organisation) – Membership Number 17591. In 2015 was awarded Leve 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching.

She holds a level two accreditation for cheerleading with the AASCF (Australian All Stars Cheerleading Federation)

Just a few highlights of her career would be

  • Performing a solo at Disneyland in 1994 while on a cultural exchange tour of America
  • Being a cheerleader for the Super League team “The Hunter Mariners” in 1996-97
  • Dancing along side Dean Perry’s “Tap Dogs” in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics